Penis Extenders for Male Enlargement Treatments


Methods of increasing the length of the genitals
By cutting the ligament of the suspension that connects the penis to the pubic bone and then performing v-y plasty on the skin of the penis, the size of the penis can be increased. With this operation, about 1 to 2 cm is added to the length and size of the penis in a loose position, and it is necessary to hang a weight on the penis for at least 6 months after penis extender surgery to maintain this increase in length. Due to the many side effects of this method, it is done today with reluctance and acceptance of the risk of side effects.


Male Penis Extenders

Some Penis Extenders use this mention pills to increase the length and size of the penis, many of which are not approved due to possible side effects.


Complications of this method include the following:
Creating a wide and sunken scar with no hair Penile Stretcher at the operation site
Increase the size of the penis

Drop the penis and surround it with the scrotum
Penile Stretcher does not stand in an erect position and creates an inappropriate angle between the penis and the body in an erect position
Reattachment and re-shortening of the penis

How to increase the diameter of the penis?
There are several Male enlargement ways to increase the diameter of the penis

Injecting one’s own fat under the skin
Implanted fat in the underlying skin of the penis
Implantation of artificial grips such as alloderm
In all these methods, between 2 to 4 cm is added to the diameter of the penis.
What are the side effects of increasing penile girth using penile extenders?
Penis enlargement techniques have many side effects, including:

Asymmetry of the implanted material resulting in uneven surface of the penis
Absorption of part of the implanted tissue resulting in deformity of the penis
Damage to the skin of the penis due to impaired blood flow to it
In the case of alloderm, since this seizure does not have the ability to stretch, it becomes a problem during erection and causes erectile dysfunction and penile curvature.

Now back to the question that was asked at the beginning of the article about increasing the size of the penis:
Can Penis Extenders be used?

The answer is yes, penis extenders can be used for their lengthening purposes. as they provide traction on the male penile tissue, and overtime, those tissues will keep getting longer and stronger.

However, for people whose penis is hidden and small due to obesity or the presence of a membranous penis, the hidden parts of the penis can be surgically removed from the surrounding tissues, thus creating a natural and beautiful view of the penis and returning it. Self-esteem helped the person. So the answer to this question is “yes” for this group of people.


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